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6ch TX RX

T6Config.exe screenshot DigitalRadio.exe screenshot

Drivers and software were included with the FS-CT6B. The same drivers and config software can be found on the Internet

A new version of T6Config exists, Renamed to Digital Radio Software and uses a XML text file to store settings;
Software and device drivers can be found at HobbyKings.com HK-T6AV2 product listing (scroll down to DISCUSSIONS tab, and then click the FILES tab)

Parts Shopping List

FS-CT6B : Ebay.com

HK-T6Av2 : HobbyKing.com

Software updates and other Downloads

T6Config : Sgr.info/usbradio

T6Config.exe Android : Sgr.info/usbradioandroid

DigitalRadio : HobbyKing.com HK-T6Av2 (under FILES tab)

FS-CT6B Information, T6config : FlySky-cn.com

The list above can be changed, at time of purchace the cheapest was selected.


RF range: 2.40-2.48GHz
Bandwidth: 500Hz
Band: 160
RF power: -20DB
2.4G system: AFHDS
Code type: GFSK
Senditivity: 1024
Low voltage warning
DSC port with PS2 conector and output of PPM
DC 12v Charger port