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Super Cub


with Anti-Crash Technology


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The Kit arrives in a foam container that was inside a carboard box. All parts required can be located as needed.
Contents :

Parts Shopping List

Hobbyzone Super Cub Lp PNF RTF Kit (Australia) : ToyWorldACT.com | HorizonHobby.com

Aerial Drop Module X-Port Technology : ToyWorldACT.com | HorizonHobby.com

Sonic Combat Module X-Port Technology : ToyWorldACT.com | HorizonHobby.com

Super Cub float set for water : ToyWorldACT.com | HorizonHobby.com

The list above can be changed, at time of purchace the cheapest was selected. Some items were purchaced with other items not listed here, this was done to lower the shipping costs where possible. All posted items were from Japan, China and Australia. Free shipping Auctions and local retail or pickup are first preferance during item slection. Postage waiting times of posted items ranged from 2 days to 4 weeks.

Flight location, and Radio

1000m above sea level.
Air temp -5C to 35C.
Wind-speeds 0 to 5km.
Actual total flying weight 715g.
Wing span 1200mm.
Aircraft Length 825mm.
3ch Radio 2500ft range.