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ARF (Airframe Kit Only)

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The Kit arrives in a carboard box, within another carboard and foam box.
Contents :

Fiberglassed wheelbay Epoxy and Painted part Fiberglass and Epoxy

#1 : Epoxy and Fiberglassed wheelbays.
#2 : Epoxy and Fiberglassed bays, Painted Epoxyed part.
#3 : Epoxy and Fiberglassed top part of cockpit bay.

Fiberglassed cockpit bay Afterburner Afterburner finished

#4 : Epoxy and Fiberglassed top of nose wheelbays and all of the cockpit bay.
#5 : Added afterburner by cutting traces on circut board and attaching black wire to link broken traces. Cut foam to add the afterburner and added foam backing.
#6 : Added alumininum foil to back of afterburner cut-out. Epoxy a strip of plastic over top of afterburner to seal duct.

Fiberglassed part Fiberglassed ducts Fiberglassed duct wires

#7 : Installed aileron wing servos, 1cm towards front of plaine next to taileron servos.
#8 : Epoxy and Fiberglassed the rest of both ducts
#9 : Concealed duct wires behind Epoxy and Fiberglassing

Carbon rod inside rudder Carbon rod inside wing, and wheel bay EDF units

#10 : Added 1 Carbon rod inside rudders, passing though behind servo bay. Epoxy and Fiberglassed back of servo bays.
#11 : Added 2 Carbon rods inside wings, 1 passing though wheel bay at front. 1 'as shown' passing into backside of duct.
#12 : Sanded-down plastic shroud rings to fit ducting, tested EDF unit on top half (upside-down)

Painted ducts dark grey Painted around afterburners Afterburner testing

#13 : Painted ducts dark grey but left rim of light grey at start of ducts.
#14 : Painted ducts dark grey but left exhaust the light grey.
#15 : Tested Afterburner's with and without sunlight.

Added flat carbon to hold rod Added flat carbon to hold rod Added flat carbon to under wing

#16 : Added flat carbon rod to hold wing rod in both wheel bays.
#17 : Added flat carbon rod to hold wing rod on back of both ducts.
#18 : Added flat carbon rod to underside of wing, then Epoxy and fiberglassed.

Applied more dark grey paint to parts Added flat carbon Top half and nose

#19 : Epoxy and Fiberglassed, then Painted other parts.
#20 : Added flat carbon rod to nose wheel bay (later removed top flat carbon rod).
#21 : Attached top nose to rest of fuselage, Attached wings (without glue) to top half of frame.

wires without plugs wires routed though space wires routed though

#22 : Wires without plugs, added plugs to all wires and marked with ID tags.
#23 : Wires routed though spaces within top frame.
#24 : Wires routed underneath and then though holes in bottom frame.

Epoxy and Fiberglassed rudders Epoxy and Fiberglassed tailerons Epoxy and Fiberglassed cockpit magnets

#25 : Epoxy and Fiberglassed the servo side and top of each rudder, then Epoxy the entire outside of fuselage not already covered by Epoxy.
#26 : Epoxy and Fiberglassed the under side of each taileron, and Epoxy the top of each; Added two flat carbon rod strips either side of hinge.
#27 : Epoxy and Fiberglassed the cockpit magnets into position. Cut base off cockpit canopy leaving seat, done to fit more wires.

Glued gear controller to roof of top frame Metal spinners Metal ESC plate

#28 : Silicone glued landing gear controller board to roof of top frame, above battery space.
#29 : Added metal spinners to rotors; Cut foam and Installed very thin metal bracket to hold zip tied ESC units that are held off metal by use of little bits of carbon flat rod.
#30 : Where metal touches the foam is re-enforced with thicker fiberglassing to prevent melt, attached using Silicone glue.

Cockpit wire loom Lighting tests 12ch power board back side

#31 : Installed testing RX unit and fitted wire loom to cockpit bay, (wired without the cockpit ejection servo).
#32 : Tunned mixing on TX and then tested servos and lighting systems.
#33 : Made 12 channel power board for second SBEC to power wing servos (to be independent from RX SBEC). Back side.

12ch power board, front 12ch power board, back with epoxy 12ch power board, back with black tape

#34 : Front of 12 channel power board. Plan to use 4 channels only at this time. (wings x 2, flaps, lights = 6 servos plus powers lights)
#35 : Back of 12 channel power board. Tested with multimeter. Epoxy to prevent unwanted sparks.
#36 : Back of 12 channel power board. Added black electrical tape to back of board while Epoxy is wet.

Installed power board Re-tested with power board installed 2 SBEC wire diagram for f22 without afterburners, 10 channels

#37 : Installed power board and connected 4 channels to second SBEC. Used clear tape on power boards exposed pins to cover them.
#38 : Re-tested with power board installed, SBEC leds are blue, RX led is red.
#39 : Wiring guide, diagram of power cables. 2 SBEC wire diagram for f-22 without afterburner, 10 channels.

Channel splitter, back Channel splitter, front 4 Channel splitters

#40 : Made channel splitter board, for removing Y-cables from cockpit bay. Back side.
#41 : Channel splitter board, 1 channel in - 3 channels out. Front side. Tested with multimeter. Epoxy and black electrical taped back side.
#42 : Group of 4 channel splitters, for use with:- Taileron's and aileron's with/without vectors; ESC's with afterburner; Rudders and stearing.

Installed Channel splitters Re-testedservos and lights 2 SBEC wire diagram for f-22 with afterburner, 10 channels

#43 : Installed channel splitters and removed 6 Y-cables. Added ESC's with afterburner to 12 channel power board.
#44 : Re-tested servos and lights. No flickering because of noise or power issues.
#45 : Wiring guide, diagram of power cables. 2 SBEC wire diagram for f-22 with afterburner, 10 channels.



Parts Shopping List

F-22 ARF Kit (Australia) : Skyflighthobby.com, lxhm.us, Instructions, Information link

TX/RX, 12 Channel : lxhm.us, EBay.com.au

AS-92MGA Servo, x10: Information link

SG90 Servo, x1 : EBay.com.au (SG90), Information link

Areo 85Amp ESC, x2 : Information link

cs480 2800kv 1500watts 6s, x2 : Information link

Freewing 10 blade, x2 : Information link

ChangeSun 70 EDF, x2 : Information link

Carbon Rods : Information link

Turnigy 5A SBEC, x2 : Information link

Turnigy 10AWG power cable : Information link

Servo signal reverse, x2 : Information link

Micro servo relay switch, x2 : EBay.com.au

Servo 150mm Y-cable, x3 : EBay.com.au

Servo 300mm extension cable, x2 : EBay.com.au

Servo 50mm extension cable, x1 : EBay.com.au

Lander Lighting System : Information link

Epoxy : Information link

Fiberglass Cloth : Information link

Magnets 5mm dia x 2mm depth : EBay.com.au

Electrical Breadboard : EBay.com.au

Electrical Male Header Pins : EBay.com.au

Glue, lots of glue : EBay.com.au | HobbyKing.com (thin), HobbyKing.com, and your local RC hobbyshop

Clear sticky tape, Contact protective plastic film (clear) if not using glass fiber and epoxy, Thin 3mm Bamboo 25cm long Skewers if not using 3mm flat carbon fiber rods: your local supermarket

Silicone and black electrical tape, available from the local hardware shop.

The list above can be changed, at time of purchace the cheapest was selected. Some items were purchaced with other items not listed here, this was done to lower the shipping costs where possible. All posted items were from Japan, China and Australia. Free shipping Auctions are first preferance during item slection. Postage waiting times of posted items ranged from 2 days to 4 weeks.

Flight location, and Radio

1000m above sea level.
Air temp -5C to 35C.
Wind-speeds 0 to 5km.
Actual total flying weight 2100g.
Wing span 1046mm.
Aircraft Length 1513mm.
9ch Radio with channel mixing.