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ARF (Airframe Kit Only)

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The Kit arrives in a carboard box.
Contents :

Added rudders and servos Added carbon rod to metal landing gear and servo push rods

#1 : Added rudders and servos to rudder parts. Made push rods and connected rudders control horn to servo horn.
#2 : Added carbon rod to strengthen all metal parts, except nose gear. Held in place with black heat-shrink.

Added magnets around cockpit bay Added metal washers to canopy and painted black skewers

#3 : Epoxy and Fiberglass 6 magnets around cockpit bay. Epoxy rest of fuselage.
#4 : Added full and half metal washers to canopy; Added painted black wooden skewers.

Added wooden pole to hold cockpit canopy Attached plastic canopy

#5 : Added wooden pole to hold cockpit canopy in place.
#6 : Attached platic canopy cover to cockpit bay.


Parts Shopping List

LX-22 ARF Kit (Australia) : Skyflighthobby.com, lxhm.us, Information link

TX/RX, 6 Channel : lxhm.us, EBay.com.au (FS-CT6B) | HobbyKing.com (HK-T6Av2) , HobbyKing.com (HK6S)

SG90 Servo, x7 : EBay.com.au (SG90), Information link

Areo 85Amp ESC : Information link

cs480 3300kv 1000watts 4s : Information link

Freewing 10 blade : Information link

Epoxy : Information link

Turnigy Nano-tech 2250Mha 14v 65C-130C : Hobbyking.com, Information link

Turnigy 12AWG extension cable : Information link

Servo signal reverse : Information link

Plastic Control Horns : EBay.com.au

Plastic Clevis : EBay.com.au

Metal push rods : EBay.com.au

Nylon Hinges 16mm x 27mm : EBay.com.au

Magnets 5mm dia x 2mm depth : EBay.com.au

Fiberglass Cloth : Information link

Glue, lots of glue : EBay.com.au | HobbyKing.com (thin), HobbyKing.com, and your local RC hobbyshop

Clear sticky tape, Contact protective plastic film (clear) if not using glass fiber and epoxy, Thin 3mm Bamboo 25cm long Skewers if not using 3mm flat carbon fiber rods: your local supermarket

The list above can be changed, at time of purchace the cheapest was selected. Some items were purchaced with other items not listed here, this was done to lower the shipping costs where possible. All posted items were from Japan, China and Australia. Free shipping Auctions are first preferance during item slection. Postage waiting times of posted items ranged from 2 days to 4 weeks.

Flight location, and Radio

1000m above sea level.
Air temp -5C to 35C.
Wind-speeds 0 to 5km.
Actual total flying weight 1000g.
Wing span 850mm.
Aircraft Length 1230mm.
6ch Radio with 3ch mixing.